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It’s hard to find a more useful or convenient means of payment than Inbank Pay

New-generation payment card. Inbank Pay is the best way to pay. 2% cashback.
New-generation payment app and credit card

New generation payment app and card

The fantastic duo. Inbank Pay payment app and card as an accessory. A truly capable couple, that complement each other and work best together. Check the cards.

Flexible repayments

You can use the Inbank credit card at your discretion. Use your credit limit or transfer money to your card. Exactly the way you want.

Interest free period

Inbank Standard



Inbank Platinum



During this time, you can use the money for free. After that, you can repay the full amount or only the minimum repayment. Your decision.

Flexible repayments.

Fast and mighty Apple Pay

Being cashless is the new normality. Therefore, we also offer Inbank card users even more secure and faster direct and mobile payments. The easy and convenient Apple Pay payment option on all your Apple devices. Double click and you're done. Enjoy stress-free and limit-free payments anywhere in the world.

Use Inbank card via Apple Pay. Inbank Pay offers Apple Pay payment option on all Apple devices.
Google Pay

Fast and secure Google Pay™

Extra convenience for Android users – link your Inbank card to Google Pay! Payment is faster than ever and your data is safe and secure. Both online and in-store purchases use a device-related number and unique transaction code for each transaction. In stores, just unlock your screen and make a contactless payment! It’s that simple. Enjoy stress-free contactless payments anywhere in the world.

Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC

By signing up to the Inbank Pay app, we will issue a virtual card with which you can start using for online purchases in an instant. Earn cashback from your purchases.

Mastercard as an accessory

As soon as the account is created, we will issue you a virtual card you a virtual card to start shopping with online and on your phone straight away.

Within 10 days at the latest, you will also receive an Inbank payment card with the option of contactless payments - an outstanding accessory issued by the internationally recognized Mastercard.

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