Inbank Platinum Metal

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  • Extensive travel insurance
  • The first stainless steel card in Estonia
  • Up to 45 days interest free
Free access to airport lounges

Free access to airport lounges

  • Platinum Metal gives you free access to private lounges at more than 1,100 airports worldwide
  • Admission is guaranteed to you regardless of the airline or ticket class
  • Simply present your Platinum card to enter the lounge
  • The number of lounge visits is unlimited
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Extensive travel insurance

  • Inbank Platinum travel insurance is valid for you and your family members travelling with you
  • The travel insurance includes medical care and accident insurance, including emergency dental care
  • Luggage insurance covers costs related to lost or delayed luggage
  • Travel interruption insurance is helpful if the trip is cancelled or the itinerary changes
  • Rental car insurance saves on car rental costs because you don’t have to buy additional insurance, but are covered by Inbank Platinum
  • Additional cover for winter sports is helpful if you go on a ski trip, but you can’t get to the mountain due to snow conditions or something happens to your equipment
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Extensive travel insurance
Top-class travel service

Top-class travel service

  • Travel service takes care of everything you can’t or don’t want to handle. As a Platinum Metal cardholder, you are welcome to join the Estravel Platinum Club program and receive all its benefits.
  • If you want to go on a holiday trip, but you feel overwhelmed by all the options, let Estravel recommend something. They will advise on the best destinations and the most attractive packages.

Benefits of purchasing

  • With Inbank card, you’ll earn 2% back on every purchase in your favourite stores. You will be able to change your selection after 30 days so we recommend to make all 3 choices at once. Check out the selection of stores
  • We will regularly surprise you with various discounts and offers. Check out the offers
  • When you pay with Inbank card, your purchases are automatically covered by purchase insurance, which means that if your new items are damaged, destroyed or stolen within 180 days of purchasing, the insurance will reimburse the replacement cost up to 10,000 € per year. Useful, isn’t it? Read the conditions
Benefits of purchasing

Up to 45 days interest free

We provide you with a credit limit the size of which can be up to your four monthly salaries. No interest will be charged on your transactions until the 15th of the next month.

If you don’t want to use a credit or want to make transactions in excess of the credit limit, transfer money to your card account with the click of a button.

If you want to repay your credit limit after the payment date, Inbank Platinum Metal interest rate starts from 12%.

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